It's afternoon and as everyday at that time, he is reading the reports coming from the various parts of the nation, when someone asks for an audience.
He allows the person to come inside.
It's an Imperial Guard, sent by General Zhendong himself.
The man approaches, kneels and prostrates himself to the Emperor. "Shiix Xu, Jeonha... I was sent to inform you that, earlier this afternoon, in the outskirts of Taifuan... your... nephew was caught in the attempt of robbing a passerby..."
"My nephew?" he asks, baffled. There must be a mistake.
He quickly reviews each of his nephews in his mind: Liang, son of the Archduke of Suhyen, third richest person in the country; Florian, the son of the King of Heinmenhos... a Castle, the richest family of the whole North; Song, the minister of finance and second richest man in Xhuanghen after himself, the Emperor, and his younger brother Jin, obviously rich enough to never possibly lack a thing in life.
"Ye, Jeonha... even General Zhendong struggled to believe it..."
"Who is this nephew then?"
"Lord Zhou JinGoo, Jeonha..."
He blinks, thinking about it. After a brief reflection, he comes to the conclusion that it is simply impossible. "There must have been a misunderstanding. What was he trying to take? Were there witnesses at all? Who reported him?"
The guard looks very uneasy and nervous. "Jeonha... I caught him on the fact. He beat the man... I reached him just a moment before he took the purse and started to run."
He shakes his head. "Why in the world would someone as rich as him do something like that? It's nonsense!"
"Please Jeonha, I'm only reporting what I saw, I don't know anything more..."
"Did someone pay you to damage his reputation? Were you blackmailed?"
"Aniyo, Jeonha..."
"Where is my nephew now?"
"I escorted him to the Imperial Prison..."
LianBi frowns and glances at HyunKi. "Commandant, interrogate him under truth serum." The poor guard, he means. Then glances towards the entrance. "Warn Minister Zhou immediately. I shall send someone to the Imperial Prison soon."

And indeed the servants write to Song to warn him that Jin was arrested and taken to the Imperial Prison, but without specifying why.
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Holang-i "Ye. You will stay here, for your own good." He will pay the guards to take care of him, even if it will be for little time.
He lowers his gaze at these words. "Did you drink again? You were in desperate need for alcohol?" If his problem was only the alcohol. He is starting to suspect though, how can alcohol only, lead to this.
"There were too many last times, Jin. This time I will get you visited, that you like it or not. What would you do at my place? Look at yourself! You need help and I. I continue not to be able to give you!"
Layght "I will die... I will die for sure... he will send someone to here..." Sounding even more paranoid than usual. "He will execute me, he doesn't even need to invent an excuse for it...!"
He sighs and shakes his head about the alcohol. "Maybe..." Then covers his head with both arms.
He bursts in tears at his words. "Why can't you leave me be...?"
Holang-i He shakes his head, feeling even worse as he starts to talk nonsense like that. He would want to cry but he just keeps restaining everything as usual.
"Because I love you! What kind of brother I would be if I just let you do what you do?! I should close my eyes and ignore? Mianhe but I cannot. I cannot stand still while you destroy yourself, as if...grandpa would be pleased to see what you are becoming..."
Layght He sobs loudly when he mentions their grandfather. Probably the whole family is disgusted by his lowliness by now. "I don't even deserve to bear our name... you should disown me and kick me out..." He means it. He feels to not deserve his love and care at all.
"Forgive me hyung... please, forgive me if you can..." And he is not saying it just to be a lickass of the last minute.
Holang-i "You are talking nonsense." His voice crumbles. He clenches his fist and covers his mouth, at the same time he shuts his eyes and takes a breath, as he was about to cry. "I still believe in you, Jin. I will do what I can to help you to get better.
I wish there was something to forgive." He lowers his gaze. "I promise you I will find the best doctor in the world and bring you back on shape. Please let me help, I ask you only this."