Owen The Lone Wolf

Name: Owen Gregor

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Half Lycanthrorpe (Werewolf) Half Human

Appearance: in photo

Personality: Owen is a very seclusive young man, he tends to avoid most people and is a very tricky person to find when you want him as he does not run with a pack and is always on the move

Bio: Born to a mother who was held captive by a pack of Werewolves, his mother died in child birth after months and months of abuse and rape.

Owen ran away at aged 6 from the pack as he hated his abusive father whom only wanted him to be strong and did not care for anything but killing humans...Owen found himself adopted by an elderly couple by the name of the Gregors, they took good care of them and by age 18 they had passed away and he was free to roam the world...

To this very day his father hunts him down to try and make him the heir he so desires...but Own wants nothing to do with him.
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