Nina and Grace ❤

(This post is for my friend @Complexed. Closed)

Nina Deighton's life is what you describe as chaotic. There is nothing ever normal in her world. From wicked magical twin to the dangerously strong and naive baby sister, she is always in the middle of something. Which is why she cherishes moments like this, when everything wasn't going to hell or if it was she couldn't bring herself to care.

Today, she has decided to be with herself only. She is not going to let anything ruin this day. She smiles feeling the heat of the day lowering as she enters the cafe. It is small and cute; perfect for a calm day to be spent by herself. She makes her way to the counter.

Before she can reach it, she bumps into someone, spilling their coffee. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry" She rushes to apologize, instantly feeling guilty.
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1 | May 6th 2019 05:34
LAMO Nina looked at herself to see only a small spot was forming at the edge of her shirt. She smiled shaking her head, "No, it's nothing at all" She looked at her drink, her face overcome with an expression of guilt again. She felt really bad. She really needed to start looking where she is going.

"I am really sorry about this" She said, "Please let me buy you another one" She hoped she would. She wasn't taking 'no' for an answer.