RP Starter #1 - The Storm

Freya wandered through the woods, the woods completely shrouded in darkness. The moon hung high above her head, casting a light upon the top of the trees. She headed deeper, and deeper, until she found the clearing she did all her practicing in.

She took a look around to make sure nobody was nearby. The manor wasn't too far from where she stood. If she were to scale a tree, she'd see the manor's pointed rooftops at only a small distance.

Gathering energy from the moon and plant-life surrounding her, Freya put her hands together, and chanted softly. Purple lightening flickered to life between her fingers. A crooked smile splashed across her crimson lips.

The lightening between her palms grew stronger and stronger. She felt the electricity intensify.

"Let there be light," she whispered to herself, and threw her hands up into the air, palms and fingertips facing the sky. The lightening shot from her hands, up into the vastly starry night sky. The sky lit up in bright white and purple. Thunder clapped above her head. Storm clouds formed within seconds, and following the clouds, came heavy rain.

Thunder, lightening, and rain took over the clear evening. The energy of the storm made her hairs stand on end. The electricity in the air fed into Freya's magic. However, she couldn't allow herself to become overwhelmed, otherwise the magic - and the darkness that sometimes comes with it - may consume her.

She's lost so much already; Her family, her friends - what few she had... She couldn't lose herself...
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