Plots (Part 2)

1. Recovery (Asahi or Rei) It's been three years now since (Asahi/Rei)'s parents were arrested for child abuse. You became their best friend throughout their recovery, when they were in the hospital- you've been there for them a long time. And now, as you move on into your senior year of high school, you realize the feelings you have for each other- and how important it is to get those feelings across before college starts.

2. More than a Sound (Hinata Suzuki) You met him after school. He was standing alone, by the door, quiet. When you introduced yourself, he didn't respond- until you waved a hand in his face. You realize that he can't hear, and you decide to ignore that obstacle and become his friend.

3. Sound of your voice (Katsuki and Chizuru) Ever since you met them in music class back in 7th grade, you and the Arakawa siblings have been friends. You've made songs together and jammed out at sleepovers, and now the three of you have gotten a record deal from Crypton Future Media. Will you make the choice to become Vocaloids?

4. Lockbox (Katsuki) There's one guy in your class who seems different from the others. He's quiet and secretive, like there's always something on his mind. Will you be able to unlock his heart and find out what's inside?

5. Creation (Kaito Yamaguchi) You've just done something amazing- you've managed to give an inanimate object a human form. He was a music box, but with your knowledge of science and alchemy you've managed to create a personified version. What's next for your creation's life?

6. Mysterious Function (Chizuru) You've had a crush on Chizuru Arakawa ever since you saw her perform live. But to your dismay, she is a pop star who rarely has free time- until her studio catches on fire and burns down. When you encounter her on the street, running away from the fire, how will you approach her? Will it result in friendship, or something more?

7. Secretive (Satoshi) The anti-social boy in your class. Nobody knows much of him, besides that he was traumatized as a child. Maybe that's why nobody talks to him...or it could be the aura he has. Whatever the reason, you decide to become his friend.
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