Plots (Part 1)

1.(Cherry Blossom) It's like a dystopian universe. All the cherry trees are dead, and Sakura (my oc) is dying too as they were her life force. There is a preserved cherry tree in a lab, blossoming, and your character decides to help Sakura get there so she will stay alive.

2. (Not a Dream) Vocaloid x your oc! So it's like, your oc or other character could have a crush on a Vocaloid (Doesnt matter which one) and they meet by chance one day, perhaps it's raining and the Vocaloid shares their umbrella. Our characters grow into friends, and their feelings develop into something more.

3. (Neko-chan) Your character is walking home one night when they find an abandoned neko boy sitting in a box, soaked from rain and shivering. Will they take him home, or leave him outside?

4. (Broken Wings) Our characters are having a normal day, but then we both are knocked unconscious by some gas and taken to an odd place. When we wake up, there is someone else with us. They have a request for our characters- will they accept, or deny?

5. (Undone) Two Vocaloids (needs to be a canon character, sorry) have been losing popularity. One day they sing at a concert but both collapse halfway through the song. They are taken to a facility and they must adjust to new life as they are no longer Vocaloids.

6. (Experiments) Your character is a scientist, and you work in an experimental lab. Someone in the lab (or you) is experimenting on a boy with wings, but the experiments hurt him. You could either free him or make the torture worse.

7. ([1/4] of her [Lie]) You begin to realize that [Vocaloid Name] has been more distant lately. Her smile doesn't seem real, and she's always wearing a sweatshirt. One of her friends tells you what she knows but it's only about 1/4 of what's going on. Can you open her heart?

8. (Broken Music Box) You find an old, rustic music box in your attic. When you go to take it downstairs, you accidentally turn it into its human form. It wants to be your friend, but there is a curse put on it that is making it die. Can you stop the curse?

9. (Last Song) You're best friends with a Vocaloid who has decided to stop singing, and you have feelings for them. They perform one last concert, and their final song is 'Last Song'. Once the concert is over, you have barely even 5 minutes to find them and confess your love before they're gone forever.

10. (Dore Dore no Uta (yes its a song title)) Your character is an animal/human hybrid lost in the rain, and you stumble upon a school-like building. One of the windows is open a bit, and you can hear a woman playing guitar and singing. You feel drawn in by her voice, and decide to see inside the place.
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