Keisuke Takahashi

Name: Keisuke Takahashi
Nickname(s): Kei, Suke
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual with a heavy male lean
Nationality: Japanese-American
Personality: Shy, feminine boy who's really sweet but sensitive

Eye color: Light brown
Hair color: White
Hair length: A little past his shoulders, usually up in a ponytail
Tattoos: Small rose tattooed on his shoulder in memory of his mom
Scars: A few small cut scars on his fingers from working in the kitchen
Piercings: None
Jewelry: A bracelet that has tons of little locks as charms.
Height: About 65 inches
Weight: 127 pounds

—Special Info—
Likes: Cute things, cats, sweet foods, noodles, sunny days, biking, swimming, camping, nature, plushies, cuddly animals, friendly people, stargazing, art, shojo manga
Dislikes: Big crowds, spicy food, attacking animals, fighting, nosy people, messed up cooking or sewing, failure
Hobbies: Cooking and sewing, as well as art
Mental issues: Anxiety, anorexia
Physical issues: None
Strengths: Cooking, sewing, and drawing
Weaknesses: He has low self confidence and is really sensitive at times
Fears: Not being good enough, death
Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Drugs: No
Other addictions: None
Normal medications: None

Family: Mother (deceased), father (whereabouts unknown)
Friends: IA (A girl he met in middle school)
Girlfriend/boyfriend: None

He was born to two loving parents even though they didn't have much money. His childhood was fun even though he didn't have much to do, but he had friends. And then one day, his mom started to work more. She felt regret over not giving her son enough happiness and worked hard to earn more money, but she overworked herself in the end and collapsed from exhaustion. She still pushed herself despite warnings from Keisuke and her husband, and one day her car crashed due to her nearly falling asleep while driving. Devastated, Keisuke's father turned to alcohol and drugs to get by in life. Keisuke began to hide his true self away and became shy and sensitive, losing a lot of his friends. He learned to avoid his father and one day, at age 13, came home to find out that his father had disappeared. He started to make a living of some kind by sewing small toys and keychains, and once he was older he started to sell his food as well as more complicated clothing. However, he neglected his own health and didn't eat much, causing him to be underweight. He works hard but leaves time for rest, as he doesn't want to end up like his mother.

—Extra information—
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