plot ideas #1

1. Curiosity Kills A Cat
Setting: Modern [can be altered]

Muse A just moved in the mansion of [L/N of the chosen character of mine] family because Muse A's mother is once a colleague of Muse B's parents. Muse A and Muse B do get along very well but as Muse A and his/her mother stay longer at the mansion, Muse A starts to notice strange things in the mansion along with the family even Muse B. What could these strange things? Will Muse A find out the secrets of the family?

2. The Future and the Past
Setting: Medieval to Futuristic

Muse A traveled back into the past to look for a powerful rune. Along with his/her companions, they came into the kingdom who were ruled by a wicked king and lovely queen. Muse B caught Muse A and his/her companions when they tried to infiltrate the castle and get the rune that was in the hands of the royal family. Eventually, Muse A's companions stole the rune forcefully from the wicked king and killed him. Muse A escaped with his/her companions but Muse B went after them and accidentally brought him in the future. What would happen to the history of the world now? What could be the consequences of their actions in the past?

3. Me and My Sh*tty Boss
Romance/NSFW/Comedy/Drama/Action/Suspense/Real Life + Supernatural

Muse A always wanted to be an undercover agent someday and so, with having some experiences for being a cop for years, Muse A was transferred to a secret organization that hunts the most notorious criminals around the world. He met Muse B who happened to be the CEO of the secret organization but wait, instead of doing some actions in the field Muse A became his assistant at first and eventually, his partner in cases. As time passes by, they became close to each other but they always have Argue and Makeup Relationship. Could there be a possibility that they would fell for each other eventually? What does fate await for them?
| More plots will be added soon, kindly comment the number of the plot that you want for us to try |
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