Anastasia 'Mayu' Schwarz (Evangelion oc)

Full Information

Name: Anastasia ‘Mayu’ Schwarz
Kanji: 覯(ア)済(ナス)畷(テー)耶(ジャー)・橦(シュ)家(ウォー)点(ツ)
Romaji: Anasutashia Shuwarutsu
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Zodiac: virgo
Birth date: 25.08.2000
Nationality: Russian/German -Born in Germany-
Height: 5'7 (170cm)
Sexual Orientation: Biromantic Heterosexual
Rank: N/A
Classification: N/A
Military history: N/A

Physical appearance

Body build: hourglass,flexible, slim & strong.
Hairstyle: Short,Chin length
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: crimson red
Skin tone: fair
Distinguishing marks: On her left arm is a strange cross-looking birthmark
Favorite outfit: grey pullover - sleeve always rolled up, blue mom jeans and black combat boots


Good personality traits: creative, calm, Helpful
Bad personality traits: Cold, hurtful, sarcastic, dark humor, passive
Mood character is most often in: Neutral
Sense of humor: Tending towards dark/sarcastic & a dry sense of humor
Character’s greatest fear: losing her loved ones
Dominant Hand: she’s an Ambidextrous
Catchphrase: "Something Like an end does not exist. It's just the new beginning of another Story"
Evangelion Phrase line: "I am not afraid”
Enraged when: She is provoked
Depressed or sad when: She get frustrated when she can't do something right or can't please that person she loves the most. When her work is not recognized.
Character’s soft spot: Physical: Her neck.
Emotional: being ignored

Greatest strength: Her mind and her calm personality.
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: She is too stubborn.

Darkest secret: unknown.
Traumas: getting hit,if someone calls her worthless (Trigger-reaction)
Embarrassments: Her laugh. sounds like she would choke
Worries: the Future
Soothers: Music, Books or Art. But the most effective way to calm her is when someone caress her back.
disorder: Post-traumatic stress disorder
disease: Haemolacria,unknown heart condition.

Mental Characteristics

IQ: 135
Known Languages: Russian,German, English, Japanese-(learning).
Manias: milky coffee, Pain killers
Memory: she has a really active memory,especially when it comes to memorizing places,voices,people,events,actions and even numbers
Phobias: insects, Chronophobia

School and Work

Good Grade: Always got A+ or B+

Association: No one. (At the beginning with NERV.)
Boss: No one.
Experience Art(since 7 years), Martial arts (since 10 years)
Learning Type: Fast learner.
Work Ethic: Thoroughly & effectively

Social Characteristics

Criminal Record: N/A
Discriminations: Very Tolerant. she is not someone who discriminate others.
Dominance: If she's gets angry or if she's forced to do something she does not like to do, then she gets dominant and makes her stand.
Ego: If her feelings gets hurt by "the one person" then she gets egotistical around them. She gets selfish when she doing things to get a benefit out of it.
Expression: Her eyes and facial features are rather callous.
Humor: If someone makes little noises made in a funny way.
Liveliness: She is more sleepy and silent.
Mannerisms: intense stare at the one spot,over-thinking when she’s nervous or knows something important is going to happen
Patience: Very patient. But if someone in fact got it to annoy her to her limit then she gets loud.
Sociability: She only like being around people who are understanding her. Otherwise she does not like to talk.
Status: neither popular nor hated.
Style: Casual. Not too colorful nor too dark




Optimist or pessimist or realist? realist
Introvert or extrovert or ambivert? Introverted ambivert
Daredevil or cautious? Daredevil
Logical or emotional? both
messy or neat? messy
Prefers working or relaxing? Relaxing


Color: Black, Idingo, Purple, Blood red, White, Blue
Least favorite color: Pink, yellow
Music Rock,Lofi-pop,Piano
Food:boiled Potatoes,soured milk,pizza
Literature: Mangas, Comics or, technology/sci-fi story book

Social charactistic

Hobbies: Music, video games, long walks on the fields and the forest, drawing, reading & jogging in the morning.
Plays a musical instrument? Guitar
Plays a sport? Kick boxing ,swimming
How she would spend a rainy day: Would draw,relax,sleep or walk
What does he/she do too much of? Drawing & reading
Extremely skilled at: Drawing & robot technology,cooking
Extremely unskilled at:social stuff
Peculiarities: collects stones

Emotional Status: balanced
Expletives: rarely. "A**hole" "F***" "bastard" "bitch"
Mood: dreamy & Thoughtful
State of Mind: Chaotic
Words: "Thank you" & "No"
Farewells: "see ya."
Greetings: "Hello."

EVANGELION Information

High 40 Meters
width 15 Meters
-Prog-knife (on-board)
-Lance & Shield [All time Weapon]
-Bow & Arrows[TEST-WEAPON] (Explosives & fog, Electro shocks, lighting,Normal)
-different hand weapons (variabel)

-metal armor
-Metal Shield

EVANGELION Unit-07 is a very agile and fast unit and is specially made for fast running/Time missions.
The Unit is very flexible and has sometimes on It’s feet some sort of Inline skaters. (Looks more like ice skaters. Especially the design of the skaters.).

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