Unlikely Duo Raymond x Piper

"Why is it that we constantly find ourselves in the same situation?" Piper asked softly as she made her way toward the edge of the building taking a seat next to Raymond.

";I don't know, doll... but whatever it is I'm sure that we can get through it" he sighed. "We're older, faster, stronger, better so I know for a fact that we can take down anything that comes our way" The blonde male stated as he shifted his blue eyes over to the raven haired woman.

";Our realtionship is weird" Piper admitted with a chuckle shaking her head in the process. ";It's like we have so much in common and we feel so damn responsible for our families not ever once taking time out for ourselves and yet you and I are always the ones who get stuck with the craziness...I want it to stop"she sighed.

"Awww no but if it stops then who will be my trusty vampire partner in crime? Who would I have to help me get the wrechedness under control?" Raymond asked with a smile as he nudged Pipers shoulder.

"Ehh I guess you're right no one makes a better partner than me" she said as she playfully flipped her long dark hair over her shoulder.

"We are a team, and we're a team that the world has ever seen before" the male smiled. "The dynamic duo!"He expressed happily

"Dynamic duo? More like unlikely duo"Piper chuckled

"Unlikely duo...I love it" he smirked as he then turned his attention back over head looking at the crescent city.
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