1. No one liners and furries.
2. Shortened or abbreviation words are not allowed such as "hbu", "hru" and etc.. it just kills the mood in the convo.
3. You add me, you chat me first and admin will do the same, vice versa.
4. Try to be literate at least to avoid misunderstanding during the roleplay.
5. Convo without any reply within 7 days will be removed as a friend of the admin however, you will be notified first and if you don't reply within 24 hours, the admin will take action and the following day the convo will be deleted.
6. Respect, if you want to be respected then try to respect others first.
7. If you don't want to be removed and blocked out of nowhere then please try to remember all of this rules. remember 6th rule.

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53 | Apr 15th 2019 09:57