Jeremi is sick, he didn't wake up and the only solution for the moment was to put someone on the throne.

But who?

They decided to let Jeremi say it and they read his will, he hadn't time to tell it personally to Julius but he chose him as the Crown Prince. Now it is really strange because Julian was the most similar to him so everyone thought that he would choose him as crown prince...

Who can say what Jeremi was thinking in that moment maybe he felt the responsibility to choose the best for his nation and Julius' character seemed the best to maintain the peace.
Passed a week from the announcement of the regent of the nation and Julius' decided to go to meet the people to see what they think about it.
He went with all the Royal Family, except for Florian that is in the East.
It seemed a normal day, everyone was happy and the people accepted Julius as the regent since Jeremi is sick... But the day wasn't destined to end quietly as it started. Infact during this "travel" someone attempted at the life of the Crown Prince. They didn't rescue to kill him but Julius remained a little shocked by the fact and started to think that it was Julian to send them. His twin brother was really upset when they read the will of their father.
For the moment he couldn't accuse him because he has no proofs but he set an EG after Julian to see al his moves.
The time will tell the truth.

Yeah Julian was really upset when they read Jeremi's will but at the same time relieved.
Be king is a big matter and he is sure that his brother has the ability to do it well.
He woul never attempt at the life of the brother or he would have to becoming himself and he knows that he is not ready yet.

He was shocked too when the people tried to kill his brother, this makes him worry a little. Who would do such a thing? For the moment the situation is calm, they returned safe at the palace but everyone know that this is not the end.

At the moment he is in the library, trying to think about the matter and find an answer.
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Jiju °We think about possible suspects and then the proofs will go on, we should start from something. I worry that the next time they could rescue in their mission so we have to be sure to protect Julius and find the culprit.
But my father is a good king, he gave money to the poor people and gave them a place where to live. Mh specific suspects? I don't know why but thinking about it I thought that maybe Gyttel would do something like that. He never liked us, he is my father's first born and the governor of Liofrost. If it is not him, I think that maybe the Riddles could be involved in the matter, a lot of them were hunters and they were the royal family in the past°
Onibugi They could succeed* rescue means salvare
"I still think that an help from.the outside is the best idea. Someone nobody would even connect to you, if they noticed."
He shrugs. "As a matter of fact I was speaking about my father, not yours. I don't know your family at all."
He tilts his head. "Thus the problem is not that it is hard to find the suspects but that there is simply too many."
Jiju He nods, °Yes, you are a good counselor I find strange that the Emperor left you go so easily... I think that is bad to categorise all the people because someone did the wrong thing. Maybe I think that way because my race in the past were always condemned for the crimes of a little part.
They are too many but we should start somewhere, if we organise the suspects will be easier to find the proofs.°
Onibugi "I'm not Jeonha's advisor..." And he sure doesn't give his evil advices to him anyway, he wants to look good in his eyes! "And don't throw salt in the wound..." About how easily LianBi let him go. Well, that's what it looked like, but it was a very heavy and painful decisionn for the Emperor.
"Another typical thing. It's how every world works and has always worked, one makes the mistake and everyone pays for it."
He shrugs. "Do as you think the best."
Jiju °I didn't want to offend you, I already know that you aren't but you are the same quite good.
The world goes that way at the moment but I want to change it as my father tried to do. He tried to make people live better this is why I couldn't understand why someone can do something like this to him. It is obvious that is more complicated if who is causing troubles is a member of my family... I don't know how could I act if it is something like that. °