Imperial Concubine.

Before PanAn was dismissed from the nursery, Ryuke came to him to read the edict of the Emperor concerning him.
He knelt to receive the news, expecting it to be a live or die response or what punishment he will have to go through to redeem himself from what he dared to do.
Beyond any possible expectation, the edict was only about his promotion to the rank of Imperial Concubine. Not even just Jieju, straight to the next step.
He should have taken the news with the greatest possible joy, instead he was only more terrified and worried.
What kind of plot did I end up into? What are the planning for me? - he thought, wondering whose idea was that. Consort Evil having something bad in mind for him? Or the Emperor, whom, at this point, he sees as a cruel villain too.

Not much he can say or do. Ryuke escorts him to the residence he was given as Imperial Concubine which is rather gracious and luxury.
He is left inside, after being introduced his servants. He is still not in the mood to enjoy and be cheerful, not even about the beautiful residence.
It's late evening when all this happens. The dinner was awaiting him, but he doesn't feel hungry. He goes straight to the bedroom, after dismissing the servants, pulls down the blanket and goes to sleep on the floor, again. He doesn't even know why, but the very thought of getting on the bed makes him kinda sick.

He is very thoughtful. He imagines that the whole harem has already received the news of his absurd promotion. How will they take it? He himself doesn't think it's fair that he for promoted to Concubine like this. But it's not that he had a choice on that. He hopes ZiFu won't get some wrong idea of him, like that he lied and tricked about his night with the Emperor.
And then there is the thought that if he promoted to this high position, Jeonha must plan to meet him often...
And then there is the fear that people will really want him dead more than anyone else now, so he has basically just been made a target...

There is only one thing he is overlooking: how Bang-sul will take it. They have made him the good guy, the 'protector' of the balance and of the innocent people of the harem, but when ever has he really been that?

The hours pass, it's gets late night. Outside it is raining madly, a proper storm even a little scary, with thunder and lightnings.
He doesn't manage to sleep, he is covered from head to toe, trying to clear his mind from his worries and to have some rest. He doesn't think the next will be an easy day for him.
Suddenly, he hears a noise from the other room of the residence. He opens his eyes and holds his breathe.
It must be some servant... they didn't leave yet, it must be so - he thinks, trying to keep calm.
The room is not entirely dark, but he doesn't dare to stick his nose out of the blanket now, as if it was his shield.
Everything turns quite again for some time, until he hears the blood-freezing creaking of the of his room. His heart starts to beat like crazy and he just shuts his eyes again.
He can only hear drops falling on the floor and on the blanket, soon enough. Tiny drops.
"Get up."
He opens his eyes wide as soon as he hears that familiar voice. He uncovers his head and sits up, looking up at the man standing so close to him. "Y-your Grace...!" he gasps in surprise, almost wondering if he is real or a product of his unstable mind.
Bang-sul is dressed in black and wearing a dark straw hat on his head. He is soaked with water, dripping all around him.
PanAn stands up as fast as he can and, before the other could say anything, he hugs him right. Just like that. Getting all wet as well.
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Onibugi "I always act like this, it's just you who have met me only in one circumstance." Probably the one where he is the best and most cutie.
"And if she won't believe you? Have you taken this possibility into account?" Because not even he believes it.
Well, he expected some reaction at all, but ok.
He places a hand behind his head. "I will stop mentioning it."
WhyYouDoingThisToMe "Indeed I don't know you enough...we only spent one night together before this!" Now that he thinks about it, he feels slightly embarassed.
"I...I will try to bring her evidence. It is obvious he pretends to be better than he actually is, with her!"
He continues to cry but makes an assface as he pulls him on the bed like that. He bugs at the position. "You want to traumatize me even more? °-° " He is always uneasy with gay stuff.
Onibugi "It was a good night, though. Ani?" For him it was, gods know how long it had been since the last time he could be top.
"How can he pretend to be better, where he normally is perfect? You are going to waste your efforts and break your heart."
He raises a brow at his last words. "Cuddling you is traumatizing?" Cuz PanAn basically teleported next to them when he lied on bed with ZiFu. "You prefer a beat up?"
WhyYouDoingThisToMe He looks up, thinking about it. "The bed was comfortable and the experience at the Damiwon was perfect...
Aniyo...he is fooling you all with his act. He is not that perfect, he is actually not so much better than me..." He feels so bad at the idea he is that perfect for real.
"Well..." He looks down at him. "Usually girls get cuddled like this. I still find this strange." He is such a manly man, pff.
"No! Don't beat me up! o.o "
Onibugi He frowns, offended at how he skipped the part concerning him. "You forgot to brag the tea and how well furnished the Sun Quarters were."
He snorts. "I'm starting to get bored by this. Keep your hostility for yourself and for him."
He pushes ZiFu away and stands up, annoyed to death of course. "Whatever." He wears the hat and belt back and leaves. Just like that.