Alexa Teskla

Name:Alexa Teska

Nickname/s:Lexi,Lex, Ali


D.O.B:5th October 






Family connection/s: Mother(unknown) Father(Reed Teska), Siblings(Nickolas Teska 24yrs)

Relationships:Nickolas,Argentina(best friend), Levi(Has drug ties). 

Weapon: Hands(she's very fit UwU)

Mental Issue/s: Mild anxiety 

Physical issue/s: N/A

Physical Description: Alexa has jet black hair that is usually straitened. She wears Lolita style clothes and always wears stockings(Cult markings all up her legs). She has green eyes and pale skin. She usually has something like a flask or water bottle near by with god knows what inside.

Little facts:
-Grew up in a small religious town
-Was possessed by the anti christ a couple of times
-quiet (selective mute)
-usually has eyes closed
-was in a failed cult sacrifice 
-likes classical music
-rarely gets angry but when she does she is a wreck
-likes her brother more then anything in the world
 -seems pure
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