This is the administrator. It has come to my attention that many of you in the website has been in some kind of drama with character TAE over the past week due to his behavior.

I am very well aware that he acts very unlikable. Nonetheless, please let me explain his actions so people can further understand him, and perhaps deepen his personality to an extent that he becomes a bit likable.

To state it bluntly, he is a troll.

Coping with his illegal job at work, he obviously is under lots and lots of stress. He has been through much, as his life has been very complicated and undercover. He does not have a solid, legal identity for the time being.

In other words, trolling the living day lights out of everyone is his response for negative situations. As I quote,

" I would say troll the heck out of him, but that's not a logic response. I'm not sure, alright? I'm not. Trolling him is the only way of replacing me screaming and running the other direction-- but it's still worth it. " - Daily_LOG_NOTKNOWN

Through finding other people's reactions, he finds it amusing under his own terms to the point where it's manipulative. He creates much joy under the chaos he brings under the turf and website, bonus points if he gets blocked and ignored as well.

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0 | Apr 15th 2019 01:58