Senriere (Seven Deadly Sins OC)

Seven Deadly Sins OC

Name: Senriere (Sen-ree-air)
Race: Upper Demon
Age: 1027 (around 25 in human years)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3 (161cm)

Personality: Senriere is a rather peaceful girl, enjoying relaxing and bathing for long periods of time. She isn't lazy, but dislikes too much activity. She is still fairly fesity, and a bit over the top. However, she can get worked up and lose her temper, throwing aside these normal attitudes. She is fairly nice, but her idea of a joke isn't so peaceful. Senriere longs for someone to love, but takes it in a jovial manner, making playful approaches on every man she meets.
As much as she hates fighting and violence, she is often forced to hurt people when she doesn't want to. However, when she does want to hurt someone, she can be truly deadly. She is also no stranger to alcohol. Senriere doesn't like people knowing that she is a demon, as they tend to have negative reactions.

Role: Wanderer

Magical Ability: Combo Star

Sacred Treasure: 'Morrow's Fire'
Morrow's Fire is a set of gauntlets that sit in the user's hands and extend over their knuckles. They are made of a demonic metal, making them unbreakable, and hard hitting. Usually, they are shrunk as small pentagrams on her palms.
'Falling Star': Falling Star is a simple move where she punches forward and the force of the strike carries on, creating an invisible energy surge that deals large damage on impact with the target.
'Yesterday's flare, today's flame, tomorrow's ember!': This is a 100-hit attack. During the first part of the phrase, she lifts her hands to the sky and the energy of the sun rushes down and fills the gauntlets, further amplified by her own power. For flame, she rushes forward, striking over and over with heavy punches, from all angles. For ember, she strikes the hundreth hit, swinging forward with the force of a collapsed sun. This explodes forward in a supernova consuming everything in front of her. The entire move exhausts and burns her, even to the point of serious injury.
Using these gauntlets hurt her, as due to her somewhat lazier nature, she has become unused to fighting and the shudders she receives from hitting with these can hurt.

Likes: Hot Baths, the color purple, sleeping, joking around, drinking
Dislikes: Fighting, getting angry, fish/seafood

Background: Senriere was an excitable demon when she was born. She was lively and ran around, both amusing and frustrating her parents. However, as she grew, she became much more subservient, preferring peace to fighting and relaxing to being energetic. Due to her inherent potential as a warrior, she was handpicked by the Demon King to become a warrior. Her parents forced her to train and fight, until she became strong enough to resist them. Thus, a curse was placed on her, forcing her to fight on command. Eventually, so desperate to avoid fighting, she fled from the demon realm, to Brittania. There, she lived alone, journeying and enjoying the comforts of the land. Still, whenever someone tells her to fight, the curse activates and forces her battle. To go against it causes her great agony.
Senriere also moves around a lot, fearing the demons may have sent people after her.

Heavyweight, reckless drunk

Appearance: Senriere is not the tallest person, standing at 5'3. She has a slim waist and wrists, but well muscled arms. She also has notable muscles outlining her abdomen. She usually wears a loose shirt that cuts off over her stomach, and small shorts that cut off halfway down her thighs. She has long black hair that drops to her waist, and violet eyes. When activating her magic, her clothes are turned to ash, and a darker mark crosses her body, going from behind her ear, to down her neck, then covering her chest and torso down to her thigh. She also has a long scar running down her upper back, just visible from below the shirt.
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