Roleplaying Rules!

Unfortunately, I suffered a severe allergic reaction last week and my body is still in recovery, which means my typing might not be the best at the moment, but I'm healing! I'll be updating this and adding new rules, so keep an eye on it, okay? ^~^

#1. God-Modding. I don't appreciate God-Modding! Characters who don't give another a chance to fight, making themselves invincible and untouchable to anything whatsoever-- I know some of the most famous characters are built that way, but I don't enjoy that kind of roleplay too much, so please refrain from going "Overpower," if you can. ^~^;;

#2. Grammar! Please, make an effort in your responses. I know that some Roleplayer's don't have English as their first language, but please refrain from using; "U," "K," "Ur," and other shortened text words. I like to read, so give me your best shot with the best grammar you have! ♥

#3. Spamming! As I've mentioned, I won't be active 24/7, so please don't spam my inbox with; "Hello?," "Are you there?", "Why are you not talking to me?," etc. I take my grammar and writing seriously, so my responses may be slower than most because I wish to give a good chapter to read.~

#4. Smut. I know some people like erot!c roleplay's, but I'm going to say this now; I only roleplay Smut with close friends, so please don't ask me to roleplay Smut. I will either refuse or ignore your message. Sorry if that last part sounded harsh!

#5. Control your own character. Yes, you read that right! I know some roleplayers like to control other people's characters, even though their role should be their own. I really don't like these kind of roleplay's! You should worry about "your" character's point of view; I'll worry about mine.

#6. Roleplay requests. I like to roleplay other characters, but this is Ziaziv, so please don't ask me to roleplay a completely different character. You'll have to find someone else for that!

Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate that you took your time to pay attention to this. Here's a free cookie! -Hands the reader a (Insert favourite flavour) cookie-
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