Thea Adslen

Name: Thea Adslen
Nickname: Doesn't currently have one, but could be given during the roleplay.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 5 feet, 0 inches
Age: 16
Birthday: September 28, 2002
Birthplace: Meaux, France
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Ethnicity: French (Father) and Chinese (Mother)
Prefered Hand: Left Hand
Blood Type: A
Build: Slim Thiqq

Short description:
Thea is a very quiet little girl. She enjoys time being alone, reading. She could often be found under a tree reading a book or in the music room playing instruments such as the piano or the violin. Thea loves drinking tea and milk, and dislikes any other drink. Thea is not the best with loud noises or a big crowd or worse, a big crowd that makes loud noises. She might like to spend time alone, but she prefers to be alone with someone she likes, trusts, and comfortable with. Thea might be a shy little girl, but she will not let anyone step on her or friends, she will fight back.

Family Stuff:
Thea is the only child from the Adslen family. Her father is a business man and CEO of DreamOn, a company that produces one-of-a-kind helmet that allows the user to explore a whole new world they choose. Her mother helps Mr. Adslen with the family business, while she has another business that produces advertisements for other companies called AdsGalore.

Thea didn’t know that she had the power to manipulate the Element Fire until she was the age of 10. Thea was on a vacation to Switzerland, but the night before their leave back to Meaux, Thea got stranded out in the woods. Her body was very cold almost to the point of frozen. She tries to find a place to stay and found a small cabin with nothing much inside. There was a fireplace without a fire. She tries to make fire the old, traditional way, but she didn’t needed it when her fingertips simply light up in sparks. At first Thea thought she had caught herself on fire, but no matter how much she bury her fingers in the thick snow, It would only melt the snow into water. Finally, the sparks on her fingertips disappeared after thinking a while to stop them. Thea has never told this to anyone, but her parents at the age of 13 when she has finally learnt to somewhat control her power. After hearing the news about their daughter’s new ability, Mr. and Mrs. Adslen decided to sign Thea up for the School of Magic. Thea has been a student of School of Magic for about 3 years and she’s about to graduate the following year.
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