♡ ; rules

♡ respect; i expect both of us to be mindful of each other's characters. don't control or disrespect me, and i won't do that to you either.

♡ no god mode; seriously. talk about it first, and then maybe we can gradually get to that point.

♡ drama/emotions; please don't come to me about it. as much as i can offer my help, i'm not an expert on feelings. there are professionals who work in this field, they will be much better than me.

♡ time; we all get busy at some point. please let me know in advance if you will be taking a break from our roleplay/chat. i'll do my best to let you know too.

♡ au; i don't know about bts or non-bts aus anymore, i'll do any. introduce me and i'll do my best. if you could think of an au we can roleplay, i'll happily reply! just don't suddenly throw us into an au while i have no idea what's going on ..

♡ personal; i won't share any of my personal info with you unless i feel like i can trust you. otherwise- don't be insistent on it.

♡ requests; you request, you talk! i'm nervous when it comes to messaging users who request me first .. so please help me out. i'll be sure to do the same if i request anyone.
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0 | Mar 26th 2019 00:56