Roleplay rules

1: i dont normally do oc x oc but am open to it sometimes
2: oc x oc is g8 as long as the oc isnt op or fandom in any way unless i say its okay otherwise
3: I expect at least a sentence, one-word responses make me lose interest
4: smut and gore is g8 but i will not do rape ever
5: dont spam me to reply, sometimes im just not feeling up to that fandom or genre so please just wait
6: most of my cannon pi’s are based off kin memories.
7: no text talk unless the characters are texting
8: i dont do gxg, and if we are doing bxg i will take the male roleplay as im uncomfortable playing females unless they are my oc
9: Please please for the love of f*** try to at least make a coherent sentence, if i cant read it ill ask for it to be re-done or i wont respond.
10: Im a switch, i can do both dom and sub characters.
11: If we are doing smut, we need plot, im not gonna jump right into f***ing,
12: I make ocs on the fly, sometimes i think up one in my head and draw them, but i never make a sheet on them
13: dont use these sh*ts *** if you do i wont reply its annoying
14: in smut no piss play, sh*t play, or rape play.
15: Roleplay is a hobby, not a chore, if i feel pushed to do a roleplay or the roleplay is stressing me out i will ask to stop it.
I may seem a tad blunt but ive been doing this for a while, and this is my 5th account now, so i know what im doing.
Im a pretty nice person for the most parts but if i say im not into something, dont push it
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1 | Mar 25th 2019 23:59