The Mark of the Phoenix (Little Red Riding Hood)


In a world where an odd string of abilities has graced youthful individuals, the Empire has grown to fear them. So much so, curfew's for those marked individual's were instated. They can only work if approved, they could not go to school. Their abilities were and still are prohibited, unless they wanted to face imprisonment or exile.

Those innate abilities were determined at the age of 10. Beginning as a tingling in the finger tips, and then a sharp pain, like a blow tot he chest, and then... a feeling. It was undoubtedly an amazing feeling, one that was inadmissible. A child knew they were unique, the moment their abilities surfaced. Once it was felt, it was like an addiction; all consuming. It needed to be experienced. Those who denied their capabilities, grew dark. So dark until what was once their character: was swallowed. They became shells of themselves; emotionless.


It was a cycle. The Empire forced these special individual's to deny themselves their gifts. By denying them these gift's, they reluctantly conformed until darkness took control. This growing darkness gave the Empire permission to take them away; the public didn't know where. At the age of 10, those who were unlucky enough granted these abilities were given a death sentence. They either followed the rules long enough to become a monster, or were caught breaking the rules and became prisoners. It was a lose lose situation.

Until the Rebel' rose. A small group of teenagers who began practicing their abilities in secret were able to sneak away from the city and form a base. Here, the coup d'├ętat began to form. Three year's passed while the murmur of a rebellion began to roll through the city. A special child had been marked. The 'Phoenix' they called him, for a strange mark had appeared on the day of his 10th birthday, stringing down his back, burning itself onto his skin. He was stronger than any child who had been discovered before, and he was determined to take down the Empire, to avenge his older sister's death. At 11, they had killed her, simply because a child couldn't understand she wasn't allowed to be who she was.


Daniel create the Rebellion and in a valiant stand went to war with a small group of 12 others. Only three escaped. And when Daniel took his last breath, the mark of the Phoenix disappeared. It is said that the true leader of the rebellion had to bare the Phoenix, but with Daniel's passing, hope was lost. The Phoenix did not appear again. The Rebel's dispersed. They were either slaughtered, became prisoner's or went into hiding to never be seen again. That is the story parents tell their young children at night. The Rebel's lose is used to deter young from thinking an uprising will happen.

Five years passed since the day The Rebel's disappeared, and Red still had nightmares. But everyday she woke to the faces of the remaining rebel's who had since gone into hiding. Daniel was dead, but the mark of the Phoenix had not disappeared as the Empire believed. A new Rebellion was rising, with a new leader. One whose face had never been seen. One who was prophesied to overthrown the thrown, and bring justice to the lives that had been lost. But their ranks are still too small, and their power's are still in need of some... adapting.

Alone, they don't stand a chance, but together? Together A Rebellion Age would begin.
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