Weapon X Files #001 (Rules for RPs)

Hate to be a strict a**hole but I do need to address a few rules when it comes down to my RPs.

* Wolverine is the only character I play as on this account, so if you want me to play as someone else, not gonna happen. However the only exception to this is if there are a huge cast of male characters within a RP and that I could switch between other male characters. (My main will always be Logan and I will not play as OCs)

* I only do comic book RPs on this account. Preferably Marvel RPs but I do like doing DC RPs and crossovers. If your characters are from Dark Horse, Image Comics and so on then that is fine too.

* This does blend in with my last point, but I would prefer to RP with characters who are within canon. Though OCs are fine so long as they're based in a comic universe.

* I refuse to RP with anyone under the age of 18. My RPs tend to have mature content in them and I find it uncomfortable to include any mature content with an underaged user. Plus I will never water down my RPs.

* Logan is currently single, therefore he will be open for potential romantic plots until he has found the perfect match for him.

* I'm all for sexual themes and scenes within a RP at all and anything goes. Just don't make that the main focal point. I am not Christian Grey.

* I will not do any Anime, Furry, Wrestling or Supernatural RPs. (Though if you are a Marvel/DC Character who blends into the supernatural then that's fine.)

* I am perfectly okay with One Liners, Semi-Paras and Paragraphs. Although I can't cope with Multi-Paras and extremely long Paras. If you have to do Multi Paras with me then the most I can handle are two paragraphs.

* I try to reply as soon as I can. That goes without saying but I do have a life outside of this website and I do have another account. In other words you'll get a reply when I'm ready. I don't take days to respond so don't worry about that.

* I don't mind doing trigger warning RPs, but personally I can't do rape or self harm themes. I don't mind those subjects if they were to be within a character's background but I will NOT do RPs specifically about rape or self harm.

* God Mods are okay with me, so long as you don't make your character unbeatable and can do EVERYTHING!

* You dare try to control Logan's actions within a RP without my permission, instant block. (If it he was in some sort of mind control then maybe, but even then I would have to agree on it first)

* Break any of those rules and chances are I will warn you, but if you break them again then I will not respond and maybe even delete you.

* If you want to talk to me out of character then please make it clear that your not talking through RP. Use something like // so that I know it's not part of the RPs at all.

* Once you have fully read the rules please comment 'Bub' so that I know you have read this.

Those are pretty much everything I have to add with the rules and all I can say here is: Stay out of my way, tough guy!
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