Two video game players meet one another online, they grow a bond together . due to the large advancement in technology a major bug infected the game sending the two deep into the game. where parts were never to be seen hidden away deep into the coding . to escape they must kill 100 other players with given special requests. If failed they get sucked deeper and deeper into the coding . the game name is Galaleswen

name- Nyx
Nyx is a home school student living with her older brother since her mother is a drug addict. She is pretty known around the Galaleswen community . She makes a small amount of money due to donations from the streams she does 3 times a week. which most of the money goes to bills however. The female is level 67 in the game and has multiple gold weapons from PVP expierence . Behind the screen shes a rather shy girl suffering from her current situation but inside the game and in streams shes a very happy outgoing girl but she does have her outbursts of anger given the situation.
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