How many times have I died in a Roleplay?

1:My house exploded. Also blowing me to pieces in a Roleplay that was supposed to be "Real Life" but turned into "Romance and Comedy" and I spilt random poison on the stove and...Um, Yeah.
2:Jumped out of a tree expecting to be caught and splatted on the ground.
3:Tied cinder blocks to my feet and jumped in the ocean to pretend to be drowning so Naegi could save me and regain confidence.
4:Stabbed myself in another world Roleplay thinking it was all a dream although it wasn't...
5:Was about to be BBQed but got rekt by a party pooper firetruck.
6:Died of an heart attack after seeing Gakupo kiss Kaito and bring him back to life from the dead.
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1 | Mar 25th 2019 21:10
ByakuyaTogami You died of an heart attack after Gakupo kiss Kaito back to life, Huh?
Hmm...You have died multiple times, I feel bad for you.
TheRealKaitoShion ......The last one...
...I am so sorry...
I will stay away from Gakkun if it helps...
CelestiaLudenberg No! It is okay!
I just wanted to say that it DID happen. XD
TheRealKaitoShion didn't expect to be featured on here...
CelestiaLudenberg Hehehe!
Oh, Dear...Heh...