My Rules (Must Read)


1. No drama, I don’t need or want it. I’m here to roleplay, if say or do anything you don’t agree with, simply say so to me, I’m civil enough to take some constructive criticisms.

2. This account is not er*t*c per se, I say that because due to some implied characteristics of my OC. While yes there may be some, racy scenes... don’t expect a full on shag-fest, have some class.

3. If I send someone a request, I always message them; I expect the same courtesy when I am added.

4. Due to the mature nature of my character and my roleplaying style, I will not be adding minors whatsoever. 18+ only, and I stand by that.

5. This character of mine and his beliefs or morals are not my own, so do try and keep that in mind.

6. Don’t ask to get to know me personally, I won’t add you outside of this site. The only exception being maybe Discord, but I won’t just add anyone who asks.

7. Once you’ve read my rules, heart this blog and comment your favorite flower so I know you’ve read them.
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3 | Mar 25th 2019 21:05
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