Rules to Read and sign

Welcom boys and girls to mine profile i have some rules yes i do have some .

1. Im not a perfect person i dont do always the right thing in mine writting style . Im not sorry for not beining perfect at all im just happy with it

2. I can write something down into status what isnt totally ment for everyone just send message me if its to you or not . I dislike to be blocked for that mistake

3. I make a mess of long writting style i have never got english on school please dont blame me for making mistakes im for over 10 years bizzy to learn it by myself without ussing a translator

4. Im a semi writter because i want to give you something to work with . I can try to write longer but that means i need to use translator who make mess of it to . So yeah you can always send me translator who work really good

5. If i do harm to you or you to me dont be a weak person to delete me or block me for no resion . Be a big man or woman with balls to say it straight into mine face in messages . No behing the back talking i hate that very much and its not fair to you or me . I dont need anyone to help or to judge around about something what is between us

6. No controlling mine characters dont ever be the one who use mine character in your storyline . I want to choice what to write back so not bye bye you will be deleted or blocked

7. Im here to chat and rp im not a person who want to be a number of your list of friends

8. I dont like very dramatic real life status im fine if you need to tell something very sad that is alright . Some people are just over dramatic ...

9. If i didnt get any message or comment back after me sending you something i will remove you of mine list . Im not gonna accept to be ignored by you and im not everytime ask if you did answer me if the message come in or not

10. I dont like cheaters if you cheat on me or someone of mine friends i make sure your life will be hell . Trust me i do it for real

11.Im a multi-character indeed but im not gonna multi-ship on this account to me is that cheating . One lover for one character and the lover will be tagged into the blog with who he or she is shipped

12. If you dont sign the rules in two days i will remove you from mine friendlist . I have made those rules to be respected for mine wishes and for who im .

For now are this the rules its possible there come some more but this is it

Sign the rules with your "Favorite quote or song"
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1 | Mar 25th 2019 20:51