◉ I don't roleplay with a set character, so whenever I'm addressing you directly I'll be speaking OOC. My characters will always speak within quotation marks in a paragraph written in third person. I may use actions between asterisks whenever we're chatting in jest, but that's NOT what I'd consider a roleplaying sample.

◉ I'm not selective when it comes to who I'll accept as a friend. In this website, in particular, it's much easier to feel like you're part of a community when you have lots of friends and a lively, bubbly timeline. I may send people friend requests just because I think there's something fun and / or intriguing about their profile without necessarily wanting to set up a roleplay right away (unless they specifically ask me not to do this in their profile, of course). That said, I ***AM*** selective with the roleplays that I'll accept to write for. I'll probably ask lots of questions or will at least try to do some brainstorming beforehand and will still feel like it's my prerrogative to politely decline or even give up if things are not to my liking. I will let you know, though!

◉ Even though I am a little picky, I do believe that roleplaying is a collaborative effort and I will do my best to make sure that my partners are happy with what they are getting. And if it's within my reach to spoil them a little bit, I will happily oblige!

◉ I'm usually more comfortable at playing male characters because that's my real life gender, but I can be persuaded into playing females too. As long as the plot is cool, of course!

◉ I'm open to more casual, lighthearted roleplays or heavilly plotted, long term epics. Definitely not here exclusively for romance / smut / cybering / whatever it is that kids these days call it, but I'm also open to it. So, yeah, all-around platonic, kinky, fade-to-black romantic, hard R romantic or just plain sex. All of the above.

◉ While we're on the subject of sex, I do like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded guy. I'm into women, men and pretty much everything in between and I'll be interested to know about your kinks and cravings if you're looking for something steamier. I do have my limits, though, and I reserve myself the right to be put off by *some* things. Furries are an example of this.

◉ I like to put a lot of effort into my posts and this makes me a slow replier sometimes. Sometimes I may have issues with my muse and, even though I'm enjoying a roleplay that I'm doing, I might have a really hard time replying. Feel free to ask me for feedback if it's taking too long.

◉ You can find me on discord at iCommie#4990 (yes, apparently I'm a commie!). That's the one place, besides this website, that I will roleplay in.

◉ If you'd rather address me on first name basis you can call me Fred.

◉ If I'm requesting or accepting to discuss a roleplay with you, trust me, I've already taken a nice look at your profile and I've seen the most important parts of your blog. I'm considerate that way!

◉ If you read all of this... thanks! You most certainly have my respect already and I feel like we're probably going to get along very well.
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13 | Mar 25th 2019 20:08