About Me ♥

My name is Celestia Ludenberg, However I prefer to be called Celeste by my friends. I am The Ultimate Gambler, Meaning, I have never lost A gamble, Of any type, Blackjack, Poker, Go Fish, Checkers, Chess, Russian Roulette, Even A coin toss. I have even tested myself in life or death situations only relying on my Gambling Luck to save me. I believe I cannot lose since I have been gambling since...Actually no one needs to know how long I have been gambling.
But my point was and still is that will never lose.
Anyway, Enough of that topic...
So...I want to take A quick moment to mention my Roleplay Interests.
French History:I like Roleplaying as Marie Antoinette, Actually...Truth be told she was my childhood idol and still is, Hehehe!
Anime:Anime is not bad, Since it is ALL you people Roleplay...
Horror:Anything thrilling and scary that can spice things up A bit and change the atmosphere.
Real Life:Realistic things can make an Roleplay quite fun, Actually.
Any:I am very versatile, And so I like new kinds of Roleplays.
Ancient:Anything ancient puts me in deep thought about the histories.
Custom:I will do A Roleplay that we make together too.
Also, Time to straighten up the line AGAIN.
Play that sh*t and it is OVER!!!
Now I sound like an angry wife who is scolding her husband...Oops. I didn't mean to come off as rude. Just trying to make A point.
Anyway, Time to list some things about me.
Name:Celestia Ludenberg/Celeste Ludenberg.
Birthday:November 23rd.
Sexual preference:Male, Hetrosexual.
Gender:Cisgender Female.
Race:Human, German and French.
Good Friends: @ToukoFukawa @DarlinChild @DanteRedgrave @AoiAsahina @MakotoNaegi @Chihiro_Fujisaki @IAMTHEBOSS @KyoukoKirigiri @soju @TheRealKaitoShion .
Okay...So I suppose this is the end of my description.
Thank you for reading. Please do Roleplay or Chat with me and tell me something about you. Farewell dear Reader-Shi, I cannot wait to speak with you. Hehehe!

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