Black Butler-- Kaia Phantomhive-- Under Constructi

Older then Ciel and his twin brother by two years, she too was captured when they were. She had been horrible tortured and she was the first soul that Sebastian answered that was crying for help. Her dying wish was that he help her surviving brother to survive this ordeal after her other brother had been sacrificed in an occult ritual. "Why should I help such a small child?" he asked. He could sense that despite her weak body, her soul was a rare one. A truly powerful one he could live off of and syphon from for centuries if he could bind her to him. "Because if you help him, you can have my soul.. I know he calls for you. Please.. take my soul instead and grant his wishes." So Sebastian made her a deal. If she was to give her soul to him for all eternity and become his bride, he would heed the call of her brother and keep her alive and by her brothers side until his contract was up. She agreed. And so her mark was not in her eye, but over her heart. Sebastian then answered Ciel's call, and without knowing that his sister gave her soul to the demon, he made a deal himself.. not only to save his life and that of his sisters.. but to inact revenge. This created a new contract. So Sebastian wouldn't only have Kaia's, but Ciels as well. Ciels soul would be devoured upon completion, and Kaia would remain by his side in the world of demons for centuries.

Kaia can also be played opposite human characters after her 'death'. She would be available to take up a 'mantel' as the demon who became Sebastian did. Serving a master as, instead of a butler, a maid with certain demonic duties. She would receive these contracts not to feed herself as she only has demonic powers that were connected through her Sebastian but to take their souls to him instead so he may continue to feed on others as well as herself.
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