OOC Rules

While "Rules" seem a bit elitist, over the years I have come to realize that these are intensely necessary. Not only to draw a line again what I will and will not accept but also to hopefully and potentially, weed out those who I am uninterested in role playing with so no one wastes their time.

So, here we go.

1. I am not on every second of every day. I have a real life and that includes real life responsibilities. I rarely close out of sites that I use often so while it may show that I am "Online" this is not necessarily the case. When I know I have a storyline active, I do try and check for a new post to respond to a couple times a day but sometimes I am just not able to get on. I promise, however, not to disappear for weeks at a time without some form of communication.

2. As strict as it might seem, I am not here to discuss real life or to make life-long friends in the real world. I am here to escape said real world into a world of our own so I'm sorry if I don't go into the details of my life unless necessary.

3. I am not into the jealousy and drama that often accompanies role players nowadays. I will not stop playing a character with someone simply because I have a story going on with you and the same character. My story lines do not co-mingle so there should be no issue here. I don't take on millions of stories at a time regardless, so really whatever else I am playing or whoever else I am playing with is not anyone's concern but mine and my partners. Let's keep our business to us.

4. While I understand that asking for detail seems too much for many partners nowadays, if you can not give me a steady paragraph or more (we are talking 7 or more sentences with detail) then I am uninterested. I will meet or go above my players posts most often but I expect a little effort back. With that-- I understand that typos can occur. I often type too fast and proof-read too fast to capture all of my mistakes. But please make an attempt as I will.

5. I have been role playing for over eighteen years. I have role played many types, genres, characters-- some stories lasting years. I will not mess with you. If I am uninterested in the way our story is going, I will tell you. With either the intent to fix any issues we have, or simply to tell you that as fun as it might have been or we had hoped it would be, it is best if we part ways. Take it with class or don't but not doing so will not get you any further play with me in the future. We are adults-- I would hope-- so please understand that two people and two styles don't always match. I'll accept it if you tell me, please do me the same courtesy. I understand this seems a bit Elitist, but that is where we are.

6. I am not against a role play delving into romance or more "adult" situations but I am not here to "Cyber". I am here to work out stories, to build characters and relationships and worlds. So let's keep out of the mindless display of er*t*ca, shall we? As well, on the subject of stories and building worlds and relationships-- I expect not to do all the effort in a story and I would not expect you to either. These are co-op worlds. We should work together to make a story work. If you want to take lead-- be my guest-- but it doesn't mean I won't do my best to help flesh out the world and add my bit to it. Visa verse is asked as well.

7. When messaging me, please show some effort as well. I agree with many of the role players I have met over the years that "Hi, how are you" and "Yo, want to rp?" shows no effort and pulls no interest from me to respond. While I will respond if I get bored, your message is not my top priority to answer. Show me you have read my rules or my profile or have seen a character you are interested in playing with in my albums. Let me know you have some idea and aren't just asking to role play with the intent to leave everything up to me. I am not going to pull a random character out of a hat and just go with it so if you message me-- please have some idea what you are looking for, even if it is not something I am interested in. At least this way it shows that I can trust you put effort into a story like you do a message.

I can't stress enough that I am here to build stories, relationships, worlds. I am not here just to get to any dirty deeds. Should adult situations occur through the story, this is understandable, but they will occur naturally and not forced or make up the main plot of a storyline. 18+ roleplay only as I am not against dark, drawn out, dangerous storylines. I have control of my character, as you have control of yours-- so let's build these worlds together.

Other then that, check back here from time to time-- sometimes things occur to me once they happen and I have to add to the rules. However, these should be basic for now.
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