Name: Luka

Age: 2000 years old

Bio: Luka is a particular type of demon that holds no affiliation with the Demon King, The gods, nor the humans. Luka is a self-serving demon that only wishes to devour the soules of the ambitious and the power-hungry beings that desire to become the top. She is neither weak nor strong, simply particular. Neglected by all races, Luka has learned to enjoy her time alone and unknown to the world. Every now and then she would appear in the human world to either help humans or to devour their soul. It is whichever of the two leads her to the most impure souls that she enjoys feeding on.

Powers or abilities: Other than enhanced abilities, Luka can devour anything and anyone. She is able to make anything she devours her own. For example, if she was to devour flames, she could regenerate the amount of flames she devours and can only control the flames she has produced.
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