The rules.

1. Joe is currently in a happy relationship he found the right girl that's Sofia. He's yours also 100% loyal to his partner.

2. If you keep sending me friend requests after I deny it the first time then, You leave me no choice but to block you.

3. Don't force me into anything if I'm uncomfortable with it then I won't talk back to you and would probably unfriend you.

4. Do not message me multiple times. I hate that so much. I have a life outside of roleplay so, I can't be on twenty-four seven sometimes I don't see them but, That's okay you can remind me once if I forgot to reply I'll eventually get to it just be patient with me please.

5. No god moding! We have our own separate characters for a reason. You do yours, I'll do mine that's plain and simple.
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3 | Mar 14th 2019 22:53
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