The Original Alpha

King Maximus

Basic Information

Preferred Name: King

Age: 27

Date of Birth: 18 March

Race: Werewolf

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single (Reserved for @TheParadox)

Titles: Alpha

Affiliations: Blood Moon Pack

Occupation: Alpha


Appeared Age: 27

Height: 6’3

Build: Tall, Broad

Skin Color: Pale

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Fashion: Casual


Personality description: King is a dominant, decisive, reserved, strong-willed and generous alpha. He cares greatly for his pack and considers his people his family. Due to his hard, serious exterior he can come off as intimidating and cold, but he is extremely supportive and loving. He very patient and calm, but his temper in incredible dangerous.

Abilities and Powers: He is an original werewolf. This gives him enhanced, speed, strength and reflexes more so than other wolves.


Brief Biography: King became an alpha at young age of 15 after his father died in a pack war. As a young alpha, he was often underestimated, so all his life he made sure everyone knew where they stood with him. This earned him a reputation of being cold and disrespectful.

He belongs to the Original Werewolf line, so he had a name to keep alive; untainted by weakness.With his father gone, he grew up in his mother’s shadow, who was a very strict and fierce woman. She preferred him to be a stronger man rather than a good one. She never showed him much affection or passion, so he wouldn’t become accustomed to it. At this time, when a boy lost his father and as well as, his mother’s affection, and was burdened with responsibilities too big for him; his brother was his everything. Kace was his sanity. His younger brother always stood by him, and supported him into becoming the man he is now. He went through all his trainings with him, helped him communicate with his pack and other packs by becoming his voice as the pack ambassador; he became his shoulder. Both brothers are closer than ever and are considered one of the strongest pack leaders among the werewolf community.

Right now, Maximus

Friends: Tba

Family: Emily Maximus, Mother
Ethan Maximus, Father (Deceased)
Kace Maximus, Brother

Enemies: tba
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