A last desire

What would be a desire from him? Well, he had a lot of experiences during his life and now that he risks to die he has to do something he never did before. How could be hard to find a northern man? Yeah maybe a desire could be something different from what he did for all his life but he likes his life and at the same time this is the reason why he didn't tell anything to ShuJin... He has to really think about it.
He decides to go out to think a lot and maybe find some good northern...
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Peace_Love "What makes you wonderful in particular? Please enlight me.
You shouldn't listen people when they try to hurt you, but when they compliment you... isn't it good? Important?
And an army of forged..." In case they were forgetting :)
She decides to joke about it with BangSul. "Eh, he could have been mine! I was so close!"
The_Trickster He smiles at Mizu, °Couldn't you see my face? Do you really glasses? I am offended that you ask something like that...° he looks at Onibugi, °You can think it as you want but for me die would not be the worst thing.° he smirks as he says that, °Be the puppy of the Emperor doesn't count. Do you know how much consorts he has? You are one of a lot, I prefer to be free.°
Onibugi "People are never honest when they compliment you, they are when they insult you though. What's the point to listen to lies?" Well, he is not too hard to approach, compared to Tero, it's just that hardly anyone bothers.
"Ye. Can you think of a more important man than the Emperor of Xhuanghen?" Don't get him to wench around about it, now!
He blinks at her words about LianBi. "Wait, what? °-° " Probably the only person in Nortrig who doesn't know, since he arrived after it had happened already.
He frowns at Heyzo. "At the moment he has no Consorts, only 9 top rank concubines, 27 xiuyi, 52 jieyu and 168 rankless brides." Did he think to catch him unprepared ? But there we go, the 'one of many' complex he always had and that LianBi's mother herself together with Isseiner tried to erase. God and spirit thank Heyzo for wasting their efforts.
Peace_Love "It Is not look to make you wonderful but what you have inside."
She raises her hand as to give the answer. "Such a man doesn't exist!"
She blinks as well, surprised he doesn't know. "Ye...I was supposed to marry Jeonha. Since the day I was born, basically.
Aish...the harem kept growing bigger..."
The_Trickster °The most important ability that a person need is to understand the difference between hate and love and accept it.
No the fact is that he is really important...° He is that way soz God.
He looks at Mizu, °Can you see what is inside me from there? My spleen is wonderful? I don't like marriage but combined ones are the worst°