Name: Anders Ziegler
Birthdate: February 24th, 2039 (Age 37)
Birthplace: Zürich, Switzerland
Occupation(s): Field medic, first responder, surgeon and nanobiologist.


☤ Ziegler was born to a pair of doctors belonging to an NGO (nongovernmental organization) dedicated to healing refugees in highly dangerous areas. Anders has shown a lot of promise as a prodigy in his youth, being a lover of technology.

☤ In the middle of childhood, he had lost his parents to war. The NGO his parents were a part of received a ransom concerning a pair of medics in the Central Basin of Africa. The organization was unable to come up with the money. The NGO sought out the help of the UN and other international task forces, but they refused to intervene in the middle of another civil war.

☤ Nobody knew what happened to Mister and Misses Ziegler. To put the child’s mind at ease, a close friend of the Zieglers told Anders that his parents were killed. In an attempt to help the world, he decided he’ll become a doctor, like his parents. The man who delivered the news was Torbjorn Lindholm, a long friend of the Zieglers.

☤ Anders was driven, talented and competitive. As a teen, he made a name for himself in the world of medicine. As a project, he created an arm for Torbjorn at the age of fourteen. Many medical firms sought out Ziegler once he was done with his schooling, but he decided to stick to being a ‘real’ doctor, opting to be the head of surgery at a Swiss Hospital, after receiving both his MD and PHD.

☤ He envisioned a world where many medical procedures could be carried out meticulously via programming with nanites. This idea allowed him to lead the field of nanobiology and nanotech. Most of his research was theory, but the idea of tiny machines to close wounds and aid with the body’s healing process wasn’t as far-fetched as the world thought. He just needed money. Despite being a successful doctor, Ziegler was high up to his eyes in debt.

☤ As the Omnic Crisis went off, there was a global conscription. Many nations had to send off their brightest, smartest and most capable to defend against the robot threat. Anders joined Overwatch as a young conscript. Without the good word and protection of Torbjorn, Ziegler would’ve been another jarhead. Instead, Ziegler worked as a medic, carrying out surgeries on the field. Despite working hard, the rate of mortality from Omnic wounds were extremely high. Something needed to change.

☤ With his smarts and connections, he managed to talk his way into having Overwatch into assisting him with his big idea. The Caduceus Staff – a four and a half million dollar staff to manufacture. A staff that could shoot out a stream of constant programmable nanites that assists with healing.

☤ In addition to this, he proposed a neural interface that allowed for combat medics and first responders to quickly fly towards their target. The interface would require spinal augmentation, something considered risky and could put users on anti-rejection medicine for the rest of their lives. Few in the UN were willing to roll out the tech, but they allowed Anders to fund his Valkyrie armor project since his staff had helped non-skilled medics reliably save lives.

☤ Overwatch soon fell, scandals followed. Ziegler soon faded to obscurity, having fell out of love with the organization that weaponized his research. Currently, he drifts around war-torn nations helping inoculation the local population and assist with local the local clinics.
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