OC - Genevive

Genevive Estee Salomon

Age: 14-25 depending on roleplay

Traits: Cold, socially awkward, smart, charming, snappy, badass, sarcastic

Appearence: Blond, long, wavy hair. Tan skin. Blue/grey eyes. Long lashes and bushy eyebrows.

Clothes choices:
Everyday; Tshirt or sweatshirt paired with a pair of high waisted jeans or sweatpants. Hair often up in a high ponytail or space buns.
Formal: Tight, mid thigh length dresses in white, black or red depending on the occasion. Depending on the design of the dress, Genevive might wear a choker or a necklace.

Likes: Sweets, pastries, sushi, all kinds of foods, long showers, parties, close friends

Dislikes: People in charge (teachers, bosses...), being excluded, being ignored, bullies, pineapple on pizza, rudeness

Fears: Being forgotten, being left behind when everyone else is aging and finding true love
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