Name: Warren Daniel Graham
D.O.B: November 20th 1996 (22 Years Old)
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown

Place of Residence: L.A
Occupation: Rookie Wrestler, occasionally does freelance consulting if he needs the money.

Growing up in Blackwell Academy, Warren was very nerdy; Sterorypically so in fact. He loved his sci-fi and fantasy genres and that naturally led him to be an academic with a passion for science (No surprise there).

After the events that led upto the destruction of Arcadia Bay, Warren began to adapt a new lease on life. While he still enjoyed his Geeky fandoms, Warren came to terms that it would be hard for him to fit in life if this carried on. Plus while he enjoyed being 'Himself' back at Blackwell, it had been proven thanks to the rejections of Max Caulfield, that being himself could not get the girl.

So the transformation began; And is still very much going on. Warren tries to avoid making Geeky references anymore, as well as trying to avoid helping people too much (Didn't exactly get him very far last time did it?) Deep down though, behind the jaded eyes of the young adult, the teen in him still yearns to escape and be free.

Ever since he was born, Warren was pushed to excel. It was never good enough to be in the middle or in the upper range. It always had to be, without a doubt, THE top. Naturally this mantra manifested itself in his academics and quickly he began excel in class.

Spured on by his parents, Warren ended up skipping a few grades making him the youngest ever applicant to be accepted at Blackwell Academy. For most of his time there, he tried to keep a low profile, that way people might struggle to notice the age difference. The only real thing of note he tried to accomplish outside of academia was his love interest: Max Caulfield. Despite his best attempts, he was stuck in the friendzone and was unable to get the girl of his dreams.

After the series of bizzare events and scandals that eventually led up to the storm that destroyed Arcadia Bay; which Warren barely survived from, Warren was left with nothing. Both his parents had died and his home and school had been destroyed. The only thing he did know was that he needed to get out of there. And go somewhere else. Anywhere.

Eventually, Warren found himself settling down in Los Angeles after many years of travelling across the states. It was here that he started working out at the gym and bumped into Eryn Hardy (@TheCrazyHardy). She started training him in the art of wrestling and he was hooked. He finally had an outlet for all of the pent up, confused emotions he had bottled up over the past 7 years. If only he could come up with a wrestling name.
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