Landon Renè Crowe (Post Apocalyptic Western)

Name: Landon Renè Crowe

Nick Name(s): Lan, Mugshot

Age: 24

Height: 6’1

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color/type: Black, Wavy passed shoulders

Build: Well, toned

Lan travels the dessert lands constantly trying to avoid conflict, but she loves him too much to avoid him. He was charged with the murder of the Braxton family clan. When asked about it he always replies, “Why bother explaining something no one would believe? It’s a filthy fugitive’s word against a sea of angry people. I’m a betting man, but I ain’t a mindless gambler.” every time. There are few things that bring him comfort, and those are whisky, bullets and whatever beaten up vehicle he can salvage. He’s a bit of an ass at first, but once you get his trust he’ll warm up to you. Even still, underneath that shell he wears there’s still a wall and buried behind it, is a painful and dark fragment of a once hopeful man.
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