Vomrik Chenkor (Fantasy OC)

Name: Vomrik Chenkor
Species: Dwarven
Gender: Male
Age: 147

Personality: Vomrik is gruff and usually noisy, and isn't neat in any way, shape or form. He entertains a crude sense of humour, and tends to be sociable despite his rough attitude. He's happy to make friends with anyone who'll buy him a drink, or let him buy them one. Vomrik is also a master of explosives, and while being extremely reckless in his casual, frequent use of them, he can be extremely precise with his charges when he wants to be. Normally though, his moral is 'the more the better'. He also hoards gold, almost to the degree that some dragons do. He fights with a short sword and hatchet.

Bio: Vomrik was a miner in the dwarven capital, growing up with explosive charges to expand tunnels. After a while, he grew bored of mining, and simply packed up and left. He still lives near the capital and employs his skills for the king, but enjoys making a hefty sum by selling his services out to others, particularly if it's something thrilling. As of such, he has been involved in multiple thefts. Vomrik will also take to wandering, whether with a group or alone, in search of treasure.

Random bits of information I've decided to put about all of my OCs, feel free to suggest them:

What kind of drunk are they: Crude, boisterous, careless

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