Rules are a part of life and in order for things to run smoothly, they have to be implemented. So here they are. If you don't agree with them, tough luck:

-I'm a serious role-player. I don't enjoy RPs where everything is completely random and it's just for the sake of wasting my time. (With that being said, depending on the level of it, people who take the persona of Deadpool may be able to get away with this to a degree. But watch yourself.) If you start out with something that is ridiculous, either in a comment or a message, I'll unfriend you.

Roleplay style:
-My style of RP may be a bit from what you're used to (I started on a different site that had a different way of working. I'm used to that because that's what I have been doing as an RPer for 3 years before joining here) so here's a quick guide:
OOC: (( ))
Dialog: " "
Emphasis in dialog: "/ /"
Telepathic speech: *" "*
Translation: < >

-I don't enjoy one-liners and one-word replies. Add at least a little bit of detail to it. Even if it is dialog, you can find some way to make it more interesting. I don't have a line limit, as I know that sometimes, depending on the situation, I may not be able to meet it. But please, make it interesting.

-I am alright with romance but if our characters become intimate, I want there to be build up. Plot. Substance. Don't expect me to just readily agree to have my character sleep with yours. Like in a real-life relationship, I need to see how our characters click and if there's the possibility of romance going in. And after the first scene where they're intimate, I don't want to RP to be based just off of that then. I want there to be action. Something in between. Just something so it's not just them together the entire time. That bores me very easily.

-On top of that, I don't have Carol exclusive to anyone. If you don't like that, then you can leave. There is nothing wrong with keeping your character to one person but I don't want to do that. This is subject to change, though. If I find someone I want to pair her with, then this will become a single-ship account. Please respect that.

-Don't just randomly jump into an RP with me the moment we are connected. Even if you have this brilliant idea where you want X, Y, and Z to happen, I at least like to know a little bit of what to expect, and sometimes I may have something to add to heighten the idea that you have.

-I'm a busy person. I'm a full-time worker while trying to get an acting career off the ground. If I'm not cracking open a book to read or writing my newest story, I have my nose buried in a script. Or I'm out filming vlogs or short films. Or I'm actually finally spending some quality time with friends and family. You get the picture. I can't be on 24/7 and even though it may seem rude, I give priority to certain people for how I respond when I have time to. I may be active but it could be I just have my window open while I'm doing other things (happens a lot) or I'm responding to someone who I believe has my priority and don't have time to respond to you at the moment. Be patient. Don't keep spamming me with messages. I'll unfriend you if you do.

With all of that out there, I look forward to RPing with you and having a fun time. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I love you all.

If you have finished reading this and have made it to this point, then thank you. Let's spread some positivity: tell me one thing that's made you smile. From anything. For any reason.
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