Chauncey "Vargas" DuPree

Name: Vargas
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Chauncey, Rattlesnake, Jethro, Valentine, etc.
Race: Dhampir
Age: 32
Body Type: Slender
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Black with tight curls. Quite often styled in a quiff on the top of his head.
Eyes: Light Brown
Handedness: Left

Personality: He's a grifter and a lover with a silver tongue.
Mannerisms: He purrs out his words with a sleepy southern drawl, likewise moves with lethargic almost unnerving sense of serenity.

Likes: Love, Compassion, God, Spirituality, Faith, Feminism, Money, Fashion, Decadence and Drugs

Dislikes: Cops, Money, Other Vampires, Backstabbers, Vampire Hunters, Predators, and most men.

At first glance, Vargas seems to be nothing more than a wisp of man. A harmless transient standing at your street corner, his blood shot eye hidden underneath opaque black shades. Perhaps it's the bright color of his fashion or the saccharine stench of cheap cologne and clove cigars that calls you to risk a closer look.

He is thin and draped in vintage wear, scrounged from the greasy bins of second-hand shop and street debris only to be restored by his own hand and flourished with embroidery of roses and religious iconography. He has penchant for wearing tight-fitting vests and shirts with floral patterns in strikingly bright colors. He wears steel-toed snakeskin boots, that have seen a lot of use.

His face is thin with sharp cheekbones that could cut a diamond and soft plush lips. Beneath the shades he sports an eye-patch, his good eye always hooded with a sleepy calmness. His lips forever bear a soft smile much like saints depicted in ancient oil paintings. On top of his head sits a quiff of black curls that fall over his brow, heavy with grease, grime, and other un-nameable substances. Strip away his clothes to reveal a canvas of ink across his body. On his shoulder the Lady of Guadalupe stares out with green eyes, her body enshrined with roses. A black rattle snake is inked on his belly, rearing back to strike up against his chest. A dagger strikes a heart on his other shoulder and many lovers have gazed on upon the tiny pair of hands clasped in prayer on the left cheek of his rear.

A scar on his chest echoes the blast of a shot gun. A gash across his brow, a fist fight. His arms are a museum of past knife fights. His inner thighs and forearms are pockmarked with promises of a good time. Most distinguishable is the golden fang that shines beside chipped teeth when he flashes a grin.

Background (Under Construction) : Vargas had no easy life. Born an illegitimate child to sixteen-year-old Rachel Dupree, Vargas was both considered a miracle and a curse. His father having been a predatory vampire who used the guise of his youth to lure Rachel to him. His father, whose name remains a mystery to Vargas, was unable to turn poor Rachel before he was hunted down and chased out of Rachel's small hometown by its religious inhabitants. His father's fate, from therein, remains a mystery.

Driven by her faith in God, Rachel carried Vargas to term, despite him nearly killing her from the inside out as was part of his inhuman nature. In fact, he seemed perfectly normal human baby at first, albeit a little sickly and a little bit hungrier than most infants. So she continued raising him with as much love she could muster for a child that came to her under such distressing circumstances. Her parents were, at the very least, supportive of her endeavors and did as much as they could to assist in the young girl's motherhood. The early years wherein Vargas was oblivious to his dark existence, were relatively easy to him until the hunger inside him started to take over and, as a child, he began to show strange signs that reflected the same other-worldliness of his father.

Upon this discovery, Rachel did everything in her power to keep it hidden, supplying her son with the blood of neighboring pets and sometimes her own when she could. Until the neighbors began asking questions. After that, it wasn't long before her family found out and cast them both to mercy of the cruel outside world. They moved to the city together and it was there that Rachel found solace in a young man who took them both under their wing with promises of security.

But something happened and Vargas was, himself, cast out into the world a wanted convict as a mere adolescent. What happened between the incident and the present Vargas refuses to disclose. All that is known is that he spent a long time off and on the streets. Having had tried to set up domesticity in many states, in an attempt to make a home for himself only to stir up trouble and leave town and change names. He's spent years eluding the police and committing identity fraud, and even believed to have committed multiple murders in order to slip into the shoes of his victims. Now, he has claimed himself the voice of a loving god and has taken upon the task to travel the world, spreading the word of radical love. He uses the powers imbued upon him by his supernatural birth right to lure people into benefiting him, and teach them his gospel out from the pink Cadillac he lives in.
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