Yannick Zamora - BNHA OC

Name: Yannick Zamora
Villain name: White Claw

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Blood Type: B

Quirk: Predator
Details: Predator has multiple aspects, one being the ability to lower ones perception of him. The weaker minded they are, the more effective this becomes, to the point where people can look at him directly and not realise that he is there. This quirk gives him the partial appearance of a wolf, and the agility of one as well. Besides heightened senses, his teeth are all sharpened to a point, aside from his molars.

Likes: Raw meat, Toying with targets, Killing, Smoke

Dislikes: Heroes, Being told what to do, Being treated like the animal he takes after, Losing, Hunger

Background: Yarrick was thrown onto the street by his own parents when he developed parts of the appearance of a wolf at four. He learnt to live off the street, using his quirk to hide from law and eating whatever he could get his hands on. Once he was thirteen, he returned and murdered his parents in cold blood, consuming flesh from each to try and sate his hunger, which is how his victims are now identified. He continued to easily evade capture due to his abilities, and came to generally be a mercenary, working for other villains in return for food, however much he dislikes being told what to do. He has also often been used for assassinations, with his skill at avoiding being seen.

Personality: Zamora is cruel and cunning, with seemingly no emotions. This makes his a ruthless killer, and unnerving in his usual silence.

Other: He wears gloves so as to 'keep his hands clean'. As of such, he rarely uses his claws when he fights, which replace nails. He is extremely skilled in hand to hand combat, as well as stealth, often using his teeth as weapons along with the several knives hidden on his person. However, at a distance, his best chance is to run away, take cover or close the distance, as his perception altering ability has an approximate range of 50m, leaving him vulnerable to accurate ranged attacks.

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