Marcel Gerard

“We're going to need all the allies we can get. Vincent, Sofya, Klaus, even Rebekah. Or else we are going to lose this fight before it even starts.”

Basic Information:
Full Name: Marcel Gerard
Date of Birth: Sometime in 1810
Age: (Vampire Age) 216 (Age turned) 25
Species: Vampire
Birthplace: New Orleans
Current Residents: New Orleans
Playby: Charles Michael Davis
Sired by: Niklaus Mikaelson

Love Interest: N/A

Sexuality Orientation - Bisexual
Status - Single.
Date relationship Started - N/A.
The Lucky one - N/A.
Engaged - N/A.
Married - N/A.
Ex-Partner(s) - Yes

Past Relationships: Camile O’Connell, Rebekah Mikaelson

More info:
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