Sheila Feller

Name - Sheila Feller
Name Pronunciation: She-la Fel-ler
Name Meaning - The name Sheila is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Sheila is: From the Latin Caelia, which is a feminine form of the Roman clan name Caelius, meaning heavenly, or of the heavens. Also a variant or dimintitive of Cecilia. Famous bearer: British actress Dame Celia Johnson'.
Playby: Phoebe Tonkin
Nicknames {Give him some}
Date of Birth - Approximately 800 years ago
Age - Approximately 800 {Looks 29}
Gender - Female
Nationality - N/A
Home- Germany
Current Residence- New Orleans
Current Occupation(s) - Searching for her mother
Species - Original Lycanthrope
Reason leading to the first transition - N/A
Sire - N/A
Sired- N/A
Strength - Usual strength of a Original Lycanthrope
Weaknesses - Usual weakness of a Original Lycanthrope
Skin Color - Caucasian/Tanned
Eye Color - Hazel
Hair Color - Dark Brown
Hair Style - Curled/Sometimes Straight
Height - 5ft 8In
Weight - 130lbs
Body Type - Toned
Health - Perfect.
Traits -
Phobia(s) - N/A
Disorder(s) - N/A

Sexuality Orientation - Pansexual
Status - Single
Date relationship Started - N/A.
The Lucky one - N/A.
Engaged - N/A.
Married - N/A.
Ex-Partner(s) - N/A

Adoptive Parents:
Mom- Kim Feller (Deceased)
Dad- Dan Feller (Not important to story)
Mom- Zevah Rodríguez (@_Problematic)

CONNECTIONS: {People can be added}

Theme song: “Warrior” by Beth Crowley

BIO: Sheila Feller was born to Zevah Rodríguez, she was named by her adoptive parents named her as she was given up for adoption at birth. She grew up in a small town called queens, being in queens meant you had to have tough skin to survive, although she was at the top of her class, up until she figured out some interesting things about herself, it was her second year of college. She had never really gotten mad before but, finally she had snapped, she had been looking around for some old pictures of herself when she came across what looked as if adoption papers, it would say her name on them. She would need answers and walk the paper over to her mother, they would get into a huge fight this angered Sheila and caused her to morph, she had shifted into a Lycanthrope, her mother would get frightened and begin to run away, Sheila clouded by anger would chase her mother, tackling her and ripping her apart, blood went everywhere, her home had become a crime scene. She would look down at the lifeless, she would flee away into the woods of queens. She gave it some great thought and decided to leave queens, mourning her mothers murder, the grief always staying with her, which thus has made her stronger and more fierce than she ever was before. Now she set off to find her real mother, in hopes she would have some answers her. She found a psychic that told her of why she didnt seem to age much past the point of where she is now, the psychic told her she was an immortal being called the Lycanthropes, a much more stable version of the a Werewolves. She has been searching for her mother for hundreds of years but for some reason she finally thinks she is so close.
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