Alexis cross

Age looks like she 16 but she over 200 years old

Spieces vampire princess

Eyes color red
Hair color black hair

Sex bisexual

Parents dad name is kaname cross vampire king nice but Frirm favorite his oldest son nick and Alexis more then other two children her mom name is Melinda little stuck up and snob don’t really like her daughter Alexis much

Siblings Damien her twin looks just like her but boy form Nick her older brother

About her she is vary shy but will warm to u vary close to her bothers somewhat her dad but not really she is next in line to become queen she not ready yet but she will rule cause her bother is idiot and not ready to rule she is kind person but if u piss her off she beat u up unless she. Love u then she won’t hurt u unless u piss her off
Her choice of weapons is a bow or sword or if she don’t have that then her first will do
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7 | Jan 14th 2019 18:07
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