Things I need to point out

I thought I should have this stated before i have a whole bunch of roleplays going. Idk if I wanna call these rules or not but there are things I prefer.

Please stay out of character until either I am aware we are roleplaying or we discuss a roleplay. I get highly confused if people are roleplaying or being out of character when they first message me.

The lengths depend on my inspiration, mood, and how I feel. Some days they will be longer, others will be shorter. But I never send a one liner, due to the fact I try making my responses as long as possible.

If I don't respond right away, please don't spam me until I do respond. I have had this problem in the past, and it does get irritating after awhile. More than likely I'm not respond either because I am busy, sick, at work, hanging out with friends, or I need time to get my muse back. Or simply I just forgot to respond or my reply didn't send. I tend to forget to reply, especially if I am multitasking.

If you lose your muse for a roleplay we are doing, please state so instead of not replying. I would like to know. I may say the same towards you if I do lose my muse for a roleplay, please don't be offended if I say this. I tend to lose my muse in roleplays if I run out of inspiration, which has happened a lot in the past.

If I need anything else to point out, I will add it onto this blog.

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0 | Jan 11th 2019 23:50