Henry Cromwell (Of Beasts and Priests)

Character Name: Henry Cromwell
Age: 26
Height: 6"3
Weight: 220lbs
Race: Human
Powers: Henry knows basic spells, although most of them are destructive ones and he has a basic understanding of Alchemy and Enchantment.
List of Spells, Alchemy and Enchantments he knows:
-Shield (weak)
-Heal (weak and unreliable)
-Basic theoretical knowledge, so he can tell unexotic and easy potions
apart and know their effects
-He can make and counteract potent poisons, most effective against
Special Equipment: Henry has a special backpack, that he enchanted himself to fit more than it usually would. Due to Henry's only basic knowledge of enchantment, it only fits a couple more items than usual. Currently, he carries 3 swords, a shield, a shovel, a decent amount of currency and rations to last him a while in the backpack. He also owns a wide array of daggers, many of which are poisoned or made of rare metals to easier defeat certain creatures. His silver daggers are used to counteract undead like ghouls and he drenches some of them in a certain poison to easier defeat more powerful undead like vampires. He also has daggers made of adamantine which is used to pierce the scales of dragons of both lowly and high origin. These daggers come in multiple shapes and patterns to better damage different types of dragons, since for example wyverns and actual dragons have different scale patterns.
Flaw: Henry is greedy and cruel, which especially comes to shine in his leadership style. Henry is also only loyal to himself, rarely truthfully lending his allegiance to someone else.
Ideal: Henry hopes to get on the King's good side by helping in this quest and earning a pardon for his many crimes. His future being at stake, he will cross lines even he hasn't crossed before.
Bond: Henry still owes many favours to the criminal underworld, since they had to pull major strings to have Henry not executed on the spot when he was arrested. Henry knows that crossing these people is a bad decision and would go out of his way to do a task for them. He is also very close with the few members of his group of Bandits that are still alive and would do pretty much anything for them.
Backstory: Henry was born to a family of lowly nobles on the decline. His parents were forced to sell Henry to an order of monster hunters to keep their estate running and that's where Henry received his education. He learned to read and write but more importantly learnt how to fight all manners of dastardly creatures. Apart from his excellent skill in combat he also picked up some lessons in Alchemy and Magic before fleeing the order at the age of 18 and joining a band of bandits, since his parent's estate had become worthless. He quickly gathered renown inside the group and in a full-blown coup killed the old leader and assumed leadership himself. He quickly changed the group from a bunch of rowdy bandits to a loyal squad of killers. He terrorized the land, looting, pillaging and killing anyone that crossed his path, but he wasn't entirely without honour. He always keeps his word and always honours a contract. On top of that when his group was finally cornered and he knew that his time had come, he surrendered himself to keep his fellow bandits alive.
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