The Sarcastic Sorcerer (Main OC)

Drake Addams

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Drake Addams

Age: 23 to 27 (Depends on roleplay)

Date of Birth: 1 November

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Affiliations: Andersons Fashion Inc.

Prior Affiliations: Vancouver Private High, The 21st (A boy band), University Of New York

Occupation: Fashion designer; Part time: Sorcerer


Appeared Age: Depends on roleplay

Height: 5'9

Weight: 178lbs

Build: Slim, strong, fit.

Skin Color: Light Tan

Eye Color: Emerald green

Hair Style: Quiff

Hair Color: Dark brown

Fashion: Whatever's trendy

Abnormalities: None.

Tattoos: None.


Personality description: Drake is often seen as your typical cocky, stuck up, self-absorbed fashion designer, who has things done on his single finger click. He is those things, in fact but they’re just a part of his general personality. On the inside, he is very good, loving and sensitive, the traits which drive him to protect people against powers too great for them. He is very short tempered and hard-headed. Once he has made up his mind about something, there’s no changing it. He is often aggressive and possessive when it comes to people he loves, which results him easily being jealous. He is also childish and ridiculously clueless when it comes to flirting despite being a hopeless romantic, which usually results in shyness and awkwardness around possible love interests/crushes.

Abilities and Powers: He can harness the power of a power gem called Exyros and can handle dual swords called Vibirus Twins.

Combat skills: He is a very good at combat after training with an old wizard, who taught him who to use his powers.

Equipment: Generally, A Ruger Bearcat 22 caliber revolver, which he carries merely to plant an impression on humans.
He has a pendant with a gem called Exyros.
Vibirus Twins.
Other Skills: Excellent dual sword wielding skills. He only uses guns when necessary.

About Exyros: After the owner’s soul syncs with the power the gem they acquire following abilities;

1. Teleportation: They can open portals to anywhere, same dimension or any other. Or simply ‘instant transmit’ themselves.
2. Illusions: They can lunge the victim in a fantasy world, made out of his own desire or fears.
3. Mental Manipulation: They can manipulate the the victim's mind according their requirement. It is a painful process (for the victim), but is convenient to get information.
4. Protection: The owner remains protected together or with the gem. However, spell can be meddled with when not with the owner for longer periods. Supernatural creatures cannot have direct contact with without facing fatal consequences. He cannot be compelled or be a subject to any other supernatural powers the protection spell is strong, unless the spell is broken.
5. The gem prefers to choose a specific person of a specific bloodline, if taken (without the owner's consent) , the thief is condemned to misfortune even after he he returns it.
6. Paralysis: The victim is stripped of all possible physical movements.
7. Locator: The gem can locate any supernatural creature anywhere depending on the information the user has on him.
8. Telekinesis: The user can move the objects with his mind.
9. Flight: The user can fly. The power is associated with Telekinesis.
10. Speech ability with animals.
11. Energy Orbs: Drake can shoot energy orbs at his enemies, if he has enough aura remaining.
12. He can see the ghosts and other supernatural entities.
13. Far Eyes: He can see inside other places without actually being there.
14. Soul Travelling: He can leave his body for a limited time to roam around as a soul.

All the above powers except protection can only be used when wearing the pendant.


Brief Biography:

His father, Johnathan’s family come from an ancestry of protecting one of the strongest supernatural weapons on Earth, the Vibirus Twins, and his mother, Lea comes from a line of powerful sorcerers called the Exurite. However, after the couple separate, Johnathan is selfishly ready to give him up, because he is not ready for dealing with a Sorcerer in the making. Drake’s aunt takes him from his father, so she can protect him and love him. He grows up thinking he’s just a normal small town boy with big Broadway dream. However, the dream ends after he meets his real parents.
He receives Exyros as a present from his mother for his eighteenth birthday. His life changes after that. He realizes the pendant is much more than jewelry and after some trouble, he manages to finally control it. He is considered one of the youngest and strongest sorcerers on Earth because of his such utmost control of the gem.
(Discover further details in the roleplay)

Friends: Darren and Tracy (Twins), Azer (Ex-boyfriend turned friend), Zeus Vancouver, Jake Yules

Pets: A cat called Porsche, a dog (demon hound transfigured into a Pomeranian) called Armani.

Family: Adoptive Father, Azimio;
Adoptive Mother, Tory;
Adoptive Brother, Liam;
Sister-in-law, Cecilia;
Birth Mother, Leah Martin;
Birth Father, Jonathan St.James
Grandmother, Rachel St. James.
Son, Noel Adams-Anderson

Enemies: Tim McArthur (A fallen angel).

Random Facts:

• Drake has perfect pitch because of his obsession with music for years.

• He is very flexible, having been dancing and doing gymnastics since he was eight.

• He will point out if you are dressed distastefully.

• He will kill you, if you touch his hair.

• He loves cars almost as much as he loves clothes.

• He loves spotlight, and being the center of attention.

• He re-did an audition in the middle of a diner in New York during a school trip and landed one of the most significant roles in his life.

• He is an excellent actor and an amazing singer.

• He sucks at sports but is quite a runner.

• He won an illegal street race once.

• He is a hard-core literature fan.

• He has a thing for witty guys.

• He hates being compared to his father.

• He secretly likes nursing people he loves back to health, but will tease them to no end, simply to cover it.

• He managed to tap into Exyros sooner than any sorcerer before him, including his grandfather.

• Exyros has a spirit of its own, so acts like a living creature; which is even more childish than Drake himself.
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