Special abilities: Talking with animals
Aura is a poor girl,who lives in the forests and usually goes to the jungles. Her parents died when she was 7 years old, so she started surviving by herself, in the nature, when a group of tigers "adopted her" and taught her to talk with animals. Now she is wandering around the forests and jungles daily, looking for friends, no matter if they are humans, creatures or animals. She lives in a small cave. Her room is quite small as well, because it contains a bed, which is made by leaves and also some pillows, crafted by leaves as well. The room also has a very small table, on which Aura keeps a lamp, made hardly with stuff from the nature and a hard leaf filled with the water from the pond near her house. Her 'parents' tigers have the ability to make clothes very beautiful, so under that same table she had a few dresses and other clothes very carefully made with many details. On top of them there were her accessories. Also the room contained a few books, dropped by humans passing by, which she learnt to read with the help of the super-talanted-tigers and the room also had a small free space. Most of Aura's friends are animals, because she is a little afraid of the humans.
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