Special abilities: Turning into a werewolf and night vision
Seraphyn is the princess of the Moon. She was born in a small house, by a Queen and by a werewolf. She can turn into a werewolf, too. Most nights she tries to stay inside the house, but she cant so she goes out for a small walk and soon enough she turns into a werewolf. Her mother, Jamena, Queen of the Night, built a bigger house, far far away from theirs' only for her, by the time she was 15, because many people were searching for Jamena and wanting to kill her. The people found her and her husband and both of them were taken down. Seraphyn got sad and she was crying for days, but she didn't know that the moon wasn't showing up, because she was sad. She didn't turn into a werewolf these days, so she got happy again. While these days were on, she went outside for walks and stayed out for a long time, so her eyes got used to it and soon enough she earned night vision. She was scared to talk to or show up to humans, because they knew about her but they didn't know where she lived. They were searching for her as well. Seraphyn got lonely and one day she met a small white cat, which had the same eye color, pink, as Seraphyn's. She was able to talk and listen only to that cat, and no other animal. She found out that the cat was immortal, and the cat, named Ginny, told Seraphyn that by the age of 16, she will be immortal, too.
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